Adachi Firework Festival is an annual event firework festival, held in Adachi Ward, Tokyo. 12,000 fireworks are shot from two locations along the Arakawa river side, painting the night sky with brilliant light.

Event Schedule

Mid-July 7:30 P.M. ~ 8:30 P.M.
The festival will still be held in case of light rain, but will postpone to the following day in case of bad weather.

How to Enjoy

Spectators can enjoy musical firework consisted of 12,000 fireworks under the starry sky during the 60 minutes duration. One of the highlight in this festival is “Niagara”, the waterfall-type firework. If you want to get the good-viewing spot and do not want to come to the venue very early, we recommend you to reserve the paid seat in advance. Also, you can enjoy fireworks from hotels, restaurants, and ships.
The fireworks will be launched from the south bank of the Arakawa near Kita-Senju station. However, same as last year, since the north bank is a little less crowded whilst still offering a fantastic view, we will watch from there.


・The area near the venue would be extremely crowded before and after the festival, so please check the location of toilets and buy the return ticket in advance.
・Please use raincoat instead of umbrella when it rains, in order not to cause trouble for surrounding people.
・You should set the meeting-place when you get lost with your companions.
・You might not be able to buy drinks if the convenience store is crowded, so please bring your own drinks before entering the venue.
・Feel free to wear yukata/jinbei if you wish. 🙂