It may not be as famous, but it’s actually the only seafood-exclusive wholesale market in Tokyo. If you wanted to get some sushi in Tokyo, odds are the first place you’d think to look is the Tsukiji Market. After all, it’s the largest seafood market in the world, and the neighborhood is the site of some truly delicious restaurants.

But what’s often overlooked is that Tsukiji isn’t the only fish market in Tokyo. The capitol’s Adachi Ward has one of its own, and the Adachi Fish Market is actually the only wholesale center in Tokyo that deals exclusively in seafood and marine products (the Tsukiji market also has sections that sell other foodstuffs).

From Fish and Shellfish to Seaweed! Everything’s Available at Adachi Market

Right when you arrive at the market, you are greeted by the sight of tuna! These tuna heads are also graded and then sold to be used in making soups and other dishes.

Here you can watch as the tuna are carefully and expertly butchered. For first time market visitors, both international and Japanese alike, this is a really impressive sight that catches one’s attention right away.

Other than the tuna, you are also drawn to the vivid coloring of the kinmedai, or alfonsino. It’s a lot of fun to search for various types of Japanese fish when visiting Adachi Market.

The term ‘tai’ (which is the name of a type of fish), and the word ‘medetai’ (auspicious), which are part of the name ‘kinmedai’, make this fish a very popular dish to have when celebrating an important life event or holiday. Although this might be a common enough notion for the Japanese, you completely unheard of it.

The shops selling shellfish carry a great variety of them, including many that are quite unusual. In fact, most of them require special treatment in order to be at their absolute freshest when purchased.

You are impressed with the vividness of the octopus!

During market days here, everyone can enjoy seeing the fish and other marine products up close.

Another appealing point of these events is the chance to speak with the staff working at the market. They are very friendly, and happy to talk with home cooks and rookies alike about the characteristics of the fish, different cooking techniques, and more.

If you are planning to visit Adachi Market, don’t forget to stop and talk with the staff. You are sure to sense their abundant knowledge and the pride they put into their work just by listening to them!

In Conclusion

When you explore Adachi Market, you can not only see the fresh seafood and produce that are the foundation of Japan’s rich food culture, but also purchase them too. Please bear in mind however, that the Adachi Market is only open to the general public on Adachi Market Days, which is held once every two months. If you would like to deepen your knowledge and appreciation of Japanese cuisine and maybe even learn a new recipe or two, please pay a visit to Adachi Market.

And while you’re still big Tsukiji fans, the next time you’re craving seafood, you might just end up heading to Adachi instead.

By the way, we should add that Adachi Fish Market has a food mall, and there are several delicious restaurants in it. But We will introduce them next time. 😛