For sushi lovers, eating sushi in Japan is an absolute must. But why stop there? You can learn how to make sushi from a professional chef at Uogashi Sushi, a sushi restaurant in Tokyo’s Adachi that has been in business for 40 years and is beloved by local customers. You will treasure this experience for a lifetime!

Since May 2016, Uogashi Sushi has began to organize sushi workshops open to customers.

The Workshop Begins!

After washing their hands, the participants get ready to start making sushi.

On the table there are small containers with water, which is used in order for the rice not to stick to the hands. The water contains sushi vinegar, which has antibacterial properties. Because sushi is prepared with the bare hands, it is essential to work with the utmost care against bacteria.

The preparation is complete! You will now start making sushi. First, we will make makizushi (“rolled sushi”). The master shows us first how it’s done.

Mr. and Mrs. Kashiwagura explain the sushi making process in Japanese, but their gestures are suggestive enough, so that each and every participant has a great time while making sushi.

After placing sushi rice on seaweed and topping it with the filling, we roll it slowly, with care.

And it’s ready! A great looking makizushi that could stand proudly near one made by a professional.

Next we will make nigiri-zushi (one piece sushi, made by grasping the rice together with the filling). In the case of nigiri-zushi, the secret is to hold the rice and the filling strongly together, explains Mrs. Kashiwagura.

Her kind and vivid explanations, although only in Japanese, need no translation to be understood.