We are waiting for the cherry blossom (sakura) festivals in Tokyo. The cherry blossom season is early Apri. Why don’t you go to Toneri Park to go on a cherry viewing picnic!

This park is quite large and spacious. I introduce an unknown park Toneri Park for tourists to see cherry blossoms in Tokyo.

The initial plans for Toneri Park began in 1940 as a city planning project to commemorate 2,600 years since founding of Japan. Much of the huge area laid out for this park was lost due to the emancipation of farmland after the war. However, under the auspices of the Japanese government in 1977, Toneri Park finally opened as a commemorative park to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the ascension of Emperor Hirohito (the Showa Emperor) in 1981. Further development to this park is still ongoing.

The west side of the park holds a wide array of sports facilities. Those include 14 tennis courts, an athletic field, baseball field, and playground (including a children’s soccer ground). The northeast part is mainly ponds and streams. Many people enjoy barbeques, camping, fishing, and other outdoor activities here during the spring and autumn leisure seasons. A sweet calamus field (yellow iris and sweet calamus) is popular in mid-May, as is the globe-shaped splashing pond in summer and the sledding slope.

Area 612,716.90 m2 (some areas are state-owned property provided under gratuitous loan)
Trees: approximately 7,000, grass: 900 m2
Main plants: Camphor, cherry (someiyoshino), Japanese zelkova, weeping willow, metasequoia, yellow iris, narrow-leaved cattail, bald cypress, konara oak, stone oak
Main animals: Commons skimmer, golden flangetail, butterfly skimmer, scarlet skimmer, sympetrum dragonflies, red swamp crawfish, crucian carp, carp, common moorhen, great green warbler, ducks, cormorants
Facilities: Tennis courts, baseball field, playground, free-use field, athletic field, children’s park, dog run, camping field, barbeque area (telephone: 03-3857-3427), sledding slop

The cherry blossom festival will be held on early April. On the festival days, many food vendors will open up to sell inside the park. Let’s enjoy good food and drinks and watching cherry blossoms! Drinking alcoholic beverages is permitted in the park. Besides all that Toneri park is available for a cherry viewing picnic from other famous cherry-blossom spots. It is not crowded.🙂